Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to the new Marklin site!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Marklin site!

This new blog is dedicated to Marklin collectors and hobbyists who are interested in models dating from the early times of Marklin (1910's) to the later periods (1950's). There will be frequent posts which address issues concerning the Marklin collector. This may include tips on how to collect, display, maintain, and restore your Marklin trains.

If you are also interested in Marklin trains, please post a comment and we can start this blog!

Thanks you for visiting,


Anonymous said...

Hope your new site goes well
Geoff UK

Rob said...

Great blog -- I'm more into current Marklin models but these pictures of the old trains are great!


Alan Wirth said...

Great idea, I'll be back - I found the site in a search for Marklin 456 which I have recently acquired and wanted to find out what the motor did.
Mine doesn't work yet but it seems in very good condition - just needs cleaning and lubricating I guess.
Can't wait to hear that whistle blow.
Alan Wirth